John Donaldson photo Paddy Summerfield

John was a brave and remarkable man...there is real vision in his poems

      - Kathleen Raine


Aphorisms and Philosophical Thoughts

John presented his thoughts often as 'aphorisms' or sayings, many of which demonstrate great wisdom learned through adversity and hardship. They fall into a number of categories that he himself defined for them, namely: Advice, Feelings, Establishment, Religion, Humour, Warnings, and Wisdoms.

Below we present some samples, which will change occasionally.

• Bred in near perfect social conditions, a new breed is developing meaner than anything so far witnessed, a minority who make life difficult for the law abiding, most decent and classified dull majority, causing them to lose faith because of the media's emphasis on the grizzly side of anti-human misdeeds. In fact, decency suffers greater injustice trying to do the right thing than often the perpetrators of lethal legal evil. The meanies of the past were innocents compared with the nurtured psychopath brutalizing human transit now. Division at any cost is a carefully nurtured design endorsed by official approval and sealed by the apathy of the divided, but it is the ordinary decent human that suffers. On a grevious world striding over the variable limits of the over exposed threshold, the fragile nature of what it costs to be decent conditions the advocates who claim to defend freedom to be the takers of liberty.

• Mediocrity is a widespread war, where art is blacked out in favour of the substandard

• If life is a gift, either end of the gun is futile

• Time is on no-one's side - relationship is seen in the deed

• Truth is unusable, as it excites those already unbalanced

Betty Donaldson 2006-11